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The CSS-Palm has been updated into 2.0 version. And this website is hosted for the old version of CSS-Palm 1.0. We recommend that users could use our newly-developed service of CSS-palm 2.0.

    In CSS-Palm 1.0, we present a novel and comprehensive system CSS-Palm - Palmitoylation Site Prediction with a Clustering and Scoring Strategy. The detailed description of the algorithm could be found in the supplementary materials. Its prediction performance on the curated date set of 210 experiment-verified palmitoylation sites from 83 distinct proteins is quite satisfying with Jack Knife sensitivity 82.16% and specificity 83.17% respectively. For experimentalists' convenience, we have developed this easy-to-use web server, CSS-Palm 1.0.

For publication of results, please cite the following article:

CSS-Palm: Palmitoylation Site Prediction with a Clustering and Scoring Strategy (CSS)
Fengfeng Zhou, Yu Xue, Xuebiao Yao and Ying Xu.
Bioinformatics, 22(7): 894-896, 2006.

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